Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dedicated to My Chihuahuas

Seeing as half of the name of this blog refers to my beloved dogs, Autumn and Rocket, I thought I'd devote one post to them. Here's what you need to know: they're long-haired Chihuahua litter mates. Their birthday is Oct. 19, and I love them to pieces. Rocket is the shier one, but he's very affectionate once he trusts you. Although he's quiet, he's got a feisty side too. I named him "Rocket" because he's just as quick as one. 

Autumn looking sleepy and adorable.

Rocket looking cute too! 

Autumn loves being held and is very friendly. She's affectionate, and her favorite "sport" is cuddling. They're always excited to see me when I get home and make the best sleeping companions. They love going on walks and eating treats. But what dog doesn't? 

Here they are basking in the sunshine. Autumn's in the pink. Rocket is "naked." 

I can't imagine my life without them. I love you, Autumn and Rocket! If you want more pictures, check out their Instagram.  

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