Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Review of The Dog-Friendly Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, Arizona

Gotta love that natural desert color of the exterior of Chandler's Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass.

The Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass hotel in Chandler is one of the south Phoenix metro area's hidden gems. The property is stunning with sweeping desert views and manages to feel secluded despite being just minutes from the I-10 highway. (One very important aside before I get into the meat of my main dog-friendly hotel review: if you have the money, check out the on-site restaurant Kai. It's perhaps the best restaurant in Arizona, and you will be blown away. I promise.) Another aside? The hotel also hosted BlogPaws back in 2016.

Expect desert views all around at the Sheraton Grand Hotel. 

For starters, the Sheraton Grand is gorgeous. After you've entered the large lobby with sweeping desert views, you'll probably fall in love with the Indian art work. Living in Phoenix, it can easy to forget the area's rich history and the hotel makes a point of emphasizing that. I also love a hotel that makes it impossible to forget just how beautiful the desert really is.

All the pet-friendly rooms are on the first floor, making it convenient to let your dogs out.

Autumn is on a walk at the hotel.

I was in a room on the ground floor (all the pet-friendly rooms are on the first floor), and I loved the convenience of being able to take my dogs outside easily. The hotel is surrounded by a gorgeous walking path that my dogs loved. The rooms were spacious enough to accommodate the three of us. If you're worried your dog might make a mess in the hotel room, you can always leave them in the big bathroom. Although I didn't get a chance to take on the trail with my two Chihuahuas, the hotel also has a 2.5-mile on-site Interpretative Trail where you can walk with them.

Autumn is ready for bed!

The other upside for dog owners? The hotel is quiet. Your dogs won't be scared since the hotel is relatively secluded. Be careful of walking them at night due to wildlife, though. Only two dogs weighing 40 pounds or less are allowed per room. Overall, I'd recommend this hotel for dog owners looking for a true desert experience in a quiet, secluded area. The only downside is that you are only a solid 30 minute drive from downtown Phoenix and other areas. But the Valley of the Sun is a big place with plenty of places to see and explore.

Bathroom perk? Tiled floor that makes it easy to clean up food and water spills.

The downside? The hotel isn't specifically designed for dog owners. You won't find treats or waste bag dispensers throughout the grounds. But it's still a great property I'd recommend for owners. The rates are low, and the walking path around the hotel is perfect for dogs who love to explore.

I would recommend this hotel for dog owners. Just don't expect a ton of amenities for your puppies.

As an added bonus, here's some horses you might see on property.

Please note: My stay and meal were comped. Thoughts and opinions are my own.