Friday, October 17, 2014

Alala: Where Fitness Meets Elegance

If there's one thing I love, it's fitness fashion. I surprised myself way back in 2010 when I fell in love with luxurious lululemon. In high school, I wore baggy hoodies and sweatpants every day. Now, I wear nice stretchy pants just about all the time--I was always ahead of trends like that*. 

Dreamy photos of Alala. Swooning yet? 

Now, I review clothing regularly for heath and fitness site Bite Size Wellness and have written a handful of activewear features for Refinery29. But even with my vast fitness wardrobe, I still find pieces that I fall head over heels for. My latest find: these bright blue Alala leggings. I've had my eye on this boutique brand for a while--the company manages to create pieces that are both beautiful, innovative and understated. Alala recently loaned me a pair to try out, and I'm glad to report that the capris live up to the hype. The material is thick, soft and smooth. The sheer panels in the back add just a touch of sass and make good use of that current trend. These capris are like wearing Chanel to the gym--they're that elegant. Take a look and fall in love with this luxurious fitness brand. 

*Note the sarcasm.

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  1. Yes dear, I cannot deny that these pants are so comfortable and also looks elegant. I am saying this because I also have been using them for so long and now I am planning to buy mesh leggings from same site I bought those.