Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Get in Touch with Nature and Wine at the Spa at The Allison

The best spas are havens of relaxation. As soon as you step inside, you'll feel your worries melt away as you prepare to be pampered. And The Allison Inn & Spa is no exception to that rule. This Oregon property just outside of Portland is home to a spa that helps bring the outdoors in. From the pool with stunning outside views and the stream flowing underneath the walkway leading to the spa or the lounges complete with doors that let the light in, the entire space is designed to help you connect with nature.
The dreamy pool. 

I think earth tones can be a bit drab, but the beige tones throughout this spa proved to be soothing. And like most, I can always appreciate a comfy lounge chair that you literally sink into.

The spa menu features body treatments, facials, massages and even some salon services too. Seeing as The Allison is in the heart of Oregon's wine-producing Willamette Valley --known for its tasty Pinot Noir--many treatments incorporate wine into the mix. The signature Divine Wine facials includes a honey and wine masque, antioxidant serum and finishes off with a grapeseed moisturizer. Sounds nourishing, huh?

The treatment rooms are designed to remind guests of their beautiful surroundings too. I enjoyed my tension-melting massage as the light streamed in through the windows. Afterwards, I basked in the sun on a lounge chair with two other women on my press trip as I enjoyed salmon (a must-try in the Pacific Northwest) and some green juice. I could have easily spent all afternoon unwinding here. 

When you check out at the front desk, expect a tiny truffle to conclude your visit. The sweet surprise provided the perfect ending to a soothing and nature-filled spa retreat.

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