Saturday, November 29, 2014

Activewear That Lasts: Why I Love lucy

When it comes to activewear, I've got my few go-to brands that I can always rely on. Like that great friend you can count on in a pinch, these brands perform well, look great and holds up after many sweat-soaked workouts. And it's hard to beat the quality of a great brand like lucy. Notable for its bright orange signs and truly fabulous seasonal sales, lucy is a line that lasts. 

And my favorite part of the entire collection? Their bottoms. These are second to none. I have a pair of long pants, the Hatha Capri Leggings and a pair of shorter Ultimate X-training capris that are my favorite, favorite, favorite warm-weather capris. And that's saying somethings since I've got A LOT. The fabric is thick, durable and never sheer. My stuff I bought a few years ago looks just as good as my newer items. 

Those perfect core capris will make you look fabulous. I promise.

Lucy's perfect core capri is the stuff dreams are made of. The panels hold you in, lift you up and just smooth everything out. It's a little pricy, but worth it if you're looking for an investment piece. 

But right now, my current favorite item is the lucy Pocket Capri Legging. The design is so simple, that I can't believe other companies haven't thought of it before. The pocket on the side of the capri can hold an iPod, keys and whatever other essentials you might need. The seams are flattering and this was my go-to pair this past spring.  

Behold: The Holy Grail of capris, lucy's pocket capri. 

And now to the important part: here's how to save money on lucy. Another thing I adore about lucy is its sales. You'll almost never pay full-price retail if you time it just right.

First off, get on the company's mailing list. The company has seasonal sales where they cut prices pretty drastically. And if you can wait even longer, lucy puts its sale on sale so you can score even deeper discounts. You can try going to classes that lucy has sponsored or partnered with, as you'll sometimes get a discount on activewear. There's no guarantee, but it's worth a shot. Plus, you'll get a workout in too--an added bonus. 

If you're searching for an activewear line that you can count on, look no further than lucy. 

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