Friday, February 6, 2015

Why You Should Give Richmond's Blue Bee Cider A Try

Delicious cider!

Craft beverages are on the rise. And even though craft beer gets a ton of press, craft cider is probably my favorite drink. There's a Cidercraft Magazine. From 2007 to 2013, craft cider sales reached $600 million, according to Virginia has a Cider Week. But putting all those (impressive) numbers aside, cider is delicious. 

Forget all the cider you had as a kid. Today's offerings are sweet, but not cloying and have just a slight edge from the alcohol. Sure, I wouldn't drink it every day. But cider's a fun treat that's worth your time. And my favorite cider maker? Richmond's Blue Bee Cider.

 Blue Bee offers small and large sizes--perfect for a dinner party or just a quiet night in.

The tasting room is tucked away behind these warehouses in Virginia's capital city, and this is a true gem. Sit outside when the weather's nice or enjoy the warm atmosphere of the tasting room. The walls are a light blue complete with light-colored wood and soft lighting. I'd suggest picking up a bottle or purchasing a tasting next time you're in Richmond. My personal favorite? Aragon 1904. This is a Prosecco-like beverage that's light, fizzy, sweet and just a tiny bit sour. I also love how the company sells smaller bottle of its offerings. Here's to hoping cider is here to stay. Cheers!

Check out that gorgeous tasting room. All photos by Sarah Hauser, Virginia Tourism Corporation.

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