Friday, January 23, 2015

Why San Diego's Extraordinary Desserts is Worth a Visit

San Diego is one of my favorite cities. It's almost always sunny. La Jolla is breathtakingly beautiful. And the food scene is outstanding. As much as I love fish tacos--the city's signature cuisine--I also enjoy a nice slice of cake. And my favorites are from Extraordinary Desserts

This quaint downtown spot serves a great menu featuring small bites like sandwiches and pastas, but the real highlight is what's behind the glass case at the very front. These cakes are beautiful. I almost feel like I'm in a flower shop looking at the gorgeous displays every time I walk in. And the presentation really stands out. Each slice is standing in a small pool of melted chocolate (yes!) and garnished with rose petals. That's right, rose petals. My mind was beyond blown when I saw this. 

This slice of cake was actually more gorgeous than it appears in this photo.

Once you dig into one of these great pieces, your life will probably never be the same. Get ready for a moist and rich creation that's sure to leave you satisfied. Creations like the decadent Triple Chocolate Mousse--dark, milk, and white chocolate mousses are layered in between slices of chocolate cake and topped with chocolate-covered honey comb for an extra crunch--will make you swoon. It's virtually impossible to order a bad dessert. When it comes to great cakes, Extraordinary Desserts makes the best ones around. And that's a fact.

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