Friday, January 16, 2015

An Ode to the Lost Art of Train Travel

As a traveler, I appreciate the journey just as much as the destination. Some of my best memories are of looking out the window of speeding trains, airplanes and automobiles. The best way to see Italian countryside is via train. I'll never forget the beautiful views I took in when I was driving on the Snoqualmie Parkway as I left Washington state. OK, so I don't love airline travel (who does, really?), but I'll always relish being upgraded to business class when I flew from London to D.C. The first words out of the flight attendant's mouth when I sat down: "Champagne or tea?"

Train views of Virginia countryside. 

And I love the train. It's romantic. The WiFi's always free. You actually have room to move around. The rocking is reassuring. The occasional train whistles break up the monotony. I will admit that some trains are a little outdated, and the food is way overpriced. But there's something about train travel that can't be beat. Whenever I'm on a train, I feel like it could be straight out of a scene from a black and white flick. It's old school and under appreciated in so many ways. I just wish Humphrey Bogart would swoop in and buy me a drink.

I'll admit this isn't the best photo, but doesn't it look like a scene from a really old film?

An editor I worked with once remarked that it's nice to have time set aside where you just have to sit. I find that I get more done. Maybe knock out those latest assignments or make some serious headway on the book I'm reading. I guess the writer in me appreciates that. It was no surprise to me when Amtrak debuted its residency program. The train is the best place to catch up on work and admire your surroundings. Be sure to take the train at some point, put it in your list. And get ready to be transported. 

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