Friday, October 31, 2014

Places You Should Visit: Rocky Mountain National Park

I honestly never understood why anyone would go to a national park until I visited one. Back in 2011, I ventured out to Rocky Mountain National Park, and it was like someone turned on a light switch. It was just so beautiful, pure and straight-out-of-a-painting gorgeous, wherever we went. Every view was breathtaking. When I visited, it was elk bugling (read: mating) season, and I enjoyed seeing those animals all over the park. I felt so in touch with nature and at peace too. Save for a few camping trips in my childhood, I'm never considered myself much of an outdoor person, but this trip changed all of that. Now, I make a point of always visiting national parks or mountains if I'm nearby. 

Yes, even the roads in Rocky Mountain National Park are breathtaking. And yes, this is an actual picture I took.

I'm a firm believer that you have to visit a truly magnificent national park until you understand it. So, next time you get the chance, take it. It won't disappoint. And you'll finally understand why people seek out national parks over and over again.

                                         More gorgeous mountains. I wish I was there right now. 

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