Friday, October 2, 2015

A New Mexican Escape: The Abiquiu Inn

Yes, this is a real photo that I took at Ghost Ranch.

I spent almost all of July road tripping across the country, and I was absolutely swept away by the beauty of New Mexico. This state's landscapes are so stunning it's almost unbelievable. Just look at the photo above for proof.

I planned on originally just staying in Santa Fe for a few days before heading off to Arizona, but I ended up spending an entire week here. The most remote place I ventured to during my whole trip was Abiquiu--a tiny town in northwestern New Mexico that is perhaps best known as one of the homes of artist Georgia O'Keefe. I was visiting the beautiful and remote Ghost Ranch, and I needed a place to stay that was close by. 

There aren't many options in Abiquiu, but that doesn't mean your options are bad. I almost immediately fell in love with The Abiquiu Inn. This ultra modern hotel in the middle of the desert is as magical as the rest of New Mexico. The grounds were the perfect place to walk my dogs. I admired the tall trees and grassy areas that almost made me feel like I was back on the East Coast whenever I'd walk by. I know my dogs loved having the area to explore.

The rooms themselves are spacious and surprisingly luxurious. Mine featured a large bed where I could snuggle with my dogs, a fireplace, a flat panel and a big bathroom complete with a shower/tub combination and a counter top too. I appreciated the very Southwestern adobe-looking fireplace and the fact that my room opened up to a gorgeous inner courtyard. My room--like all the rooms--was on the ground floor and directly in front of a parking space, which made it easy to get my dogs in and out of there. I appreciated the amenities as much as the starkness of the land that surrounded this place. It made for one incredible setting. 
 My sweet porch.

 You've gotta that love that bed.

The hotel's restaurant was located just off the lobby and featured outdoor seating in the heart of the grounds. Although the kitchen received mixed reviews on Yelp, I enjoyed a delicious egg breakfast there just before I left. It nice to admire the grounds while I enjoyed my food.
The alfresco dining room is the centerpiece of this hotel. 
Abiquiu was by far the hardest destination for me to reach. It's about an hour's drive from both Taos and Santa Fe, making it just a little too far to be a quick day trip from either city. But I've never been more captured by a tiny town like this one in quite some time. I hate to be so cliche, but most of the time, the toughest journeys are that are worth the trouble. 

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