Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Activewear Wish List

Oh, the holidays. They can be dreamy and they can be nightmarish. But wouldn't it be fun if you could get everything you wished for? So I came up with this fun list. Price isn't a factor since this is a wish list. And who cares if it doesn't come true? This is supposed to be fun. Behold my dreamy activewear picks for the holiday season. Who knows? Maybe it will come true. Miracles do happen. 

Maybe I'll get some brand new activewear under the tree.
Photo courtesy of Flickr user Alan Cleaver. 

1. Lucy's Pocket Capri in Ultramarine Spacedye

I cannot get over that color. I'll say it again. Icannotgetoverthatcolor. I'm going through a space dye phase and that dark blue is just perfect. Plus, I'm in love with the pocket capris. Like I would marry them. (OK, so not that much, but you get the idea) I don't why activewear creators hadn't thought of this already. A pocket in the side panel is not that revolutionary. But man is it helpful. I love being able to stick my iPod/keys/knick-nacks in there without those items adding bulk.

2.  Alala

I love that color!

Everything from this entire brand makes me swoon. Everything. It's like wearing Chanel to the gym. The company loaned me a pair of its capris to review, and I could not get enough. The material is thick, but light weight and moisture-repellent. Alala is expensive though, which is why it made this wish list and not my closet. Sigh. Oh well, it's always nice to look, right?

3. Athleta Chi Tank in Red

Sometimes you just need a plain tank top. And my favorite tank du jour is Athleta's Chi Tank. It's soft, but doesn't let the sweat cling to you. It also has slimming lines and hangs just right. In short, if you're looking for the perfect, basic top, make it this one. And I cannot get enough of that pretty Saffron Red color. 

4.  Nancy Rose Performance

Look at this beautiful red colored wrap top. 

If you're not familiar with this brand, you should be. Nancy Rose crafts the most gorgeous activewear on the market. And that's a fact. One of the brand's signature styles are its wrap tops. They're slimming and gorgeous. I own one, and I've been lusting after another for a long time now. Right now, my eye is on this Arabesque Tank Top

5. lululemon Emerge Renewed Crop

Look at the mesh! Look at the texture! 

I'm always lusting after something from lululemon. My current obsession: lululemon's Emerge Renewed Crop. I love seams, and I love mesh and these are the perfect combination of both. Now, the material on these does look like it could be a little stiff, but these also might be the best.

6. Nike Studio Wrap

Stupid shoes, we've all got 'em. You know the pair. Those kitten heels you tell yourself you'll wear, but then actually do and it sucks so you give up. Since I'm not big into high heels, athletic shoes are my favorites. And these are my stupid shoes. They look beautiful--like something a real dancer would wear--although I have a feeling they're not terribly functional. But who cares about function when it comes to beauty? Nike even makes a pair in Tiffany blue for the company's annual half marathon. All I can think of when I see these is "want, want, want." And that's why they made this wish list.

Happy holidays! 

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